Abbottabad Cantonment Election

Cantt Board Abbottabad

Abbottabad Cantonment Election:  The election of Cantt Board wiil be held on 25 April 2015, The Executive Officer and returning officer Malik Omer Farooq was accepted 28 nomination papers out of total 48 filed for five (5)  wards of Cantonment Board.

Total 39,000 voters will be cast votes their vote in Cantonment Election

The Cantonment Board Abbottabad has constituted 45 polling stations for five wards, with 99 polling booths. Ward No 1, 6 polling stations have been established, Ward No 2 only 9 polling stations while Wards 3-4 and 5 have 10 polling stations.

Almost all of the political parties participated in this election, PTI, PPPP, PMLN, and Tareek-e-soba Hazara and declares their candidates in Cantt. Election.



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