Guest House

Horizon Guest House
House No 407, Street 3, Jinnaabad, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Phone: (0992) 381122/ 381449

Alaf Laila Guest House

Kaghan Colony, Opp Usmania Resturent, Near Daewoo Bus Stand,
Mansehra Road, Mandian, Abbottabad
Cell No: 03459566871
Phone: (0992) 384902

VIP Guest House
House # 877, Near PC Hotel,
Toheed Colony Mansehra Road, Abbottabad
Cell: 0300-5634014 / 0322-5742364

Pine Inn Guest House
54-k, Kaghan Colony,Mansehra Road,
Opp to Usmania Resturant Near, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Phone: (0992)384903
Phone: (0992)390971
Cell: 0334-8808347

Exclusive House
424-A Jinnahabad, Mandian, Pakistan Military Academy Road, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Phone: 0992-385913
cell: 0300-9116009, 0304-5019744.

Sarena International Guest House
Near Missile Chowk, Javed Shaheed Road, Jinnahabad, Abbottabad , Pakistan.
Phone: 0992-381919
Cell: 0345-9553419

Shimla Guest House
Sarban Chowk, Abbottabad, Pakistan
Phone: 0992-335358

Snow Land Guest House
Near Pakistan Military Academy,
Tipu Sultan Road, Abbottabad , Pakistan.
Phone: (0992) 384525-6

Executive Lodges and Guest House
Near Pine Hill School, Murree Road,
Abbottabad, Pakistan
Phone: (0992) 336227

Galaxy Guest House
Rehmat Plaza Masehra Road, Mandian,
Abbottabad, Pakistan
Phone: (0992) 34265



  1. Shaukat Ali says:

    This is very good effort to explore our area through Internet which is a global eye. I would like to appreciate you for this kind of effort. Allah gives u success for a good future.

    Exclusive House
    424-A Jinnahabad, Mandian, Pakistan Military Academy Road, Abbottabad, Pakistan
    Phone: 0992-385912-13
    cell: 0300-9207121

  2. Shaukat Ali says:

    Need to change Cell No of Exclusive House Abbottabad.
    mentioned no 0300-9116009, 0304-5019744 are not correct. kindly update with new Cell No 03009207121

  3. Want to change my Address as well as Phone/Cell No:

    new contact:
    Alaf Laila Guest House
    Kaghan Colony, Opz usmania resturent, near daewoo bus stand,
    Mansehra Road, Mandian Abbottabad
    Cell No: 03459566871
    Phone: 0992384902

    Managing Director, Alaf Laila Guest House

  4. alaf laila guest house is best accomandacation in abbottabad

  5. sania says:

    can i get 1 rOom 4 some hours???
    what it costs???

  6. Obaid says:

    Please note that following business has been closed since an year. The building has been hired by Metro Shoes. You are requested to remove it from the site.

    Family Guest House
    Mansehra Road, Opp Pearl Continental Hotel, Abbottabad, Pakistan
    Phone: (0992) 334628,(0992) 340830
    Cell: 03005612915

  7. Abdul says:

    Please update the cell no of new shimla guest house abbotabad. I need it urgently.

  8. Abdul says:

    Please update the contact no of NEW SHIMLA GUEST HOUSE IN ABBOTABAD.
    I need it urgently.

  9. Dr Nauman says:

    Can I get correct updated contact numbers of Abbotabad club

  10. Haibat khan says:

    Haibat khan
    Managing Director serena international guest house.
    Please update my contact Numbers
    PH 0992381919
    Cell 03459553419 and serena place guest house close since 5 years please update

  11. sammm says:

    Best n safest Guest house in Abbottabad is Exclusive Guest House Abbottabad, PMA road Abbottabad

    Contact Person

  12. Sohail says:

    Does anybody have contact, email and address of Jillani/Gillani Guest house in Abbotttabad?

  13. Shahrukh says:

    Dose any hotels in Abtbd allow non blood related to stay in a room I need to visit university there WD my cozn (female) for here

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