Tourism in Abbottabad

The area of Abbottabad District mainly comes under the category of Resort Tourism. Especially the area of Galliat is comprised of a string of lush green, beautiful mountain resorts. These resorts provide respite from the heat of the plains in summer and offer a variety of recreational attractions. During the extreme heat of summer, the Galliat offers a cool respite. October to February is the winter season when life comes to a stand still and tourist traffic goes down. However its proximity to the capital and other main cities and newly widened all weather road will certainly attract some tourists even in the lean months of winter.

Accurate figures are not available about the number of tourist arrivals in Abbottabad District. But according to the Lodging Industry Survey of the Tourism Division, the majority of tourists visiting this area were Pakistani. The percentage of foreign tourists visiting Abbottabad District is very low. Around 99 percent tourists are Pakistani. On average, tourists spent 1.5 nights in this area. The majority of these domestic tourists travel with families and in groups. The main tourist generating market is Punjab, followed by KPK (NWFP) and Sindh respectively.

Abbottabad is better known as a transit point for other beautiful resorts in Galliat. Kaghan, Swat, Kashmir and Gilgit.
These are mostly domestic tourists who prefer to stay at Murree due to better and cheaper facilities of accommodation, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. More or less 50% of tourists travel on their own cars and rest of them avail the facility of local public transport.

Thandiani is another beauty spot, linked with Abbottabad by a narrow metaled road. But the poor maintenance of road, lack of tourist facilities is the main reason of low tourist traffic to this beautiful hill station. But still an increasing number of tourists based at Abbottabad visit Thandiani on weekends and on public holidays.


Abbottabad a gateway to tourists heaven also attracted the tourists from national wide and international tourist from entire world. Hotels provide facility of boarding and lodging to tourists at the places of tourist interest. Accommodation is the most important infrastructure and the backbone of tourism. Generally, 30 to 40% of the trip budget is spent on accommodation.

There are quite a large number of hotels available in Abbottabad, Nathiagali, Ayubia, Dungagali and Changlagali. Hotel running in Abbottabad District is mainly a seasonal business (from May to September). Most tourists visit this area during the summer vacations. The tariff range is between Rs.1000/- to Rs.2500/- depending on the standard of the hotel. However, usually in the summer season the room rent charges are quite high with increase in demand. Apart form hotels there are many guest houses in Abbottabad to serve for tourist around the globe.

Transport facilities

Increased tourism activity increases the demand for good quality transport system. Abbottabad is located on the cross roads and it is a gate way of most of the summer tourist destinations like Nathiagali, Kaghan, Swat. Gilgit, Kashmir and Skardu. Air-conditioned Luxury coaches, Daewoo bus servis, deluxe buses, mini vans and Suzuki vans operate between Abbottabad and all major cities and tourist destinations.

Samundar Katha Lake Abbottabad-Pakistan,
Visit Samundar Katha Lake just 30 minutes drive from Abbottabad city, this newly Lake is now opened for local as well as Intentional tourists on August 2019, Lush green lake with eye catching view of mountains
samundar katha abbottabad , Samandar katha lake Abbottabad

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