There are many Computers Shops in Abbottabad

computers in abbottabad
MSD Compuetrs
Zarbat Market, The Mall, Abbottabad Ph:92-992-337140.Cell: 03335038007
MSD Computers Supply Branch: Yousaf Jamal Plaza, Near TCS Office, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad
World Link Computers, Zarbat Market, The Mall, Abbottabad
Aziz Computers, Near Band Kho, Link Road, Abbottabad. Ph: +92-992-340844
Sami Computers, Muqaddas Tower, Mandian, AbbottabadPh:Ph: +92-992-385852
M Jans Computers, Ground Floor, Muqaddas Tower, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad Ph: +92-992-382792
Glapso Computers, Muqaddas Tower, Mandian, Abbottabad
VIP Computers, Muqaddas Tower, Mandian, Abbottabad
Genius Systems, Ist Floor Muqaddas Tower, Abbottabad
Cyber Computers, Zarbat Market, Gami Adda, The Mall, Abbottabad
Global Computers, Muqadas Tower, Mandian, Abbottabad Ph: +92-992-341609
Ideal Computers, Muqaddas Tower, Mansehra Road, Mandian, Abbottabad Ph:+92-992-383307

 Members List of Computer society in Abbottabad

MSD Compuetrs (President)
World Link Computers
Japan Computer (Secretary)
Friends Computers,
Aziz Computers
Computer Engineers,
Frontier computers
Perfect Computers
Medialinks Computers
Cyber Computers
XON computers
Zero One Technologies
Asian Computers
Startek Computers
Jinnah Computers
New Computers House
Ideal Computers
NEXON Computers
Office Computers
Fwad Computers

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