There are many Doctors in Abbottabad
Some Specialists are

Dr.  Nasir Kazmi (Assistant Prof. Medicine)
Medical Specialist
Al-Awan Plaza Mandian, Abbottabad Ph: 0992-382521

Dr. Anees-ur-Rehman ( Dr Anis ur Rehman) 
Child Specialist
Al-Awan Plaza Mandian, Abbottabad
Tel: 0992-384693 & 385857 Cell:03335038613

Dr. Sohail Shah,
Al-shamas Clinic, Opp. Modern School System, Adjacent, Dr. Fazeel Clinic, Mansehra Road Abbottabad

Dr. Fazeel
Mandian Abbottabad

Dr. Zardad Tanoli
Child Specialist
Hara Hospital , Abbottabad

Dr. Babar Khalil
PIRC, Behind Mir Police Station, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad,
Tel: +92-992-383585

Dr. Sajid Kazmi
Eye Specialist 
First Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad,
Tel: +92-992-385853

Dr. Tahira Sajjad
ENT Specialist 
First Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad,
Tel: +92-992-385853

Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid
Skin Specialist 
First Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad,
Tel:  0300-5617286

Dr. Ibrar
Medical Specialist
DHQ Hospital, Abbottabad Clinic: Near Dr. Sher Afzal Plaza, The Mall, Abbottabad

Dr. Ahsen Naveed Irfan,
Neuro-physician /Physiatrist Abbottabad. Mansehra Off: 0997-302204, Res: 0992-383204

Dr. Saeed Irfan,
MBBS (Pesh) DPM(pb) F.A.C.P (Neuropsy) USA
Consultant Neuro Physiatrist,
Awan Plaza, Abbottabad. Ph: 0992-382404 Home: 0992-381624 Mobile: 0300-9119250
For Appointment Call: Mohd. Shafi Ph: 0300-5641816
Mansehra: Irfan Neuro Psychiaty Hospital, Mansehra Ph: 0997-302204

Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb
Neurosurgeon  (
Brain and Spine Specialist)
Address clinic: Al Haider Plaza, Opp INOR Hospital, Ayub Teaching Hospital, Gate 3, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad ,For Appointment Call (0992) 384939 Cell: 0300-9118513.

Major Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad,
Medical Specialist (AMC)
Ex- Physcian Pak Army,
Clinic: Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad. Ph: 0992-381642 Res: 0992-381863
For Appointment: Zaid Rasheed Ph: 0300-5617511

Dr. Ahmad Nawaz Khan
Ultrasound specialist  MBBS F.T.I.D
Medical Officer Army Burn Hall college Abbottabad ph: 0992-330465 cell: 0300-5615939

Dr. Aziz Awan
EYE specialist  
Clinic: Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad. Ph: 0992-382555
For Appointment: 0315-5853729

Dr Munawar Aziz
Clinic Ph:+92-992-335911
Cell No: 092-321-9961962

Dr Sajid Nazir Bhatti
Clinic Ph:+92-992-384537 Cell: 0333-5048434 

Dr Asif Kareem

Dr. Shahab Ullah Khan
General Physician,  Abbottabad. Phone: 0992-331591

Dr. Kamran Khan,
Department of Nuclear Medicine, Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy
(INOR) Abbottabad Pakistan. Cell: +92-333-9599905

Dr Nighat Jamal
Medical Specialist,
SR Frontier Medical College Abbottabad.

Dr Sumera Kazmi
Medical Specialist, Abbottabad International Medical College.
Clinic Pakistan labs, Puhgulab Road Opposite Ayub Medical College, Gate 1, Abbottabad

Dr Sidra Kiyani
Pakistan Medical Centre and Lab
Phul Gulab Road Opp. Gate No 1, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad Ph: 0992-382670

Dr. Mirza Faisal Ahmed Rafiq
Neuro Surgeon
 Valley Medical Complex Main Mansehra Roads, Mirpur Abbottabad Phone 0992-385418-20

Prof. Dr. Syed Javed Hussain Shafique Plaza, Mandian, Mansehra Road Ph:0331-5729868
Dr. Khalid Khan Shafique Plaza, Mandian, Mansehra Road Ph:0992-381586, Cell: 03335058971
Prof Dr. Rehman Ghani Shafique Plaza, Mandian, Mansehra Road Phone:0992-380874
Dr. Naeem ur Razaq Durrani Awan Plaza Mandian Abbottabad Ph:03365662746,03149051883
Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb Al Haider Plaza,Mandian Mansehra Road Ph: 03009118513, 0992384939
Major (R) Dr. Daud ur Rehman Rehmat Memorial Hospital Supply Bazar Ph: 0992-513138/341191
Dr. M Shamim Anwar Mandian Ph: 0992-380867



There are many surgeon in Abbottabad some are
Dr.Ismail Akbar
Dr.Irshad Zahoor
Dr. Shawana
Dr. Irfan Khattak
Dr. Salma
Dr. Sajid Ahmad
Dr. Haider Kamran
Dr. Khalid Khan
Dr. Mukhtiar
Dr. Babar Sultan
Dr. Zaheer uddin Qureshi

You can contact directly to these surgeons at Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad


Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) have its own Exchange, If you are calling from other cities add area code 0992-381907 -14,
For International callers +92-992-381907 -14,
In addition there are many extension for different departments if you know your desired extension just dial as below


Ward Name Extension Ward Name Extension
 Medical A  3205/3206/3207  Observation  3137
 Medical B  3210/3211  Blood Bank  3147
 Medical C  3259/3215  DMS Evening / Night  3315/3204
 Surgical A  3220/3221/3297  Gastro OPD  3192
 Surgical B  3225/3226/3204  Oncology  3124
 Surgical C  330/3231/3163/3203  Endocrinology  3126
 Psychiatry  3277  CCU  3142
 Eye A  3236  Cardiology  3320
 Gastro  3280/3192  ICU  3140
 Main Gate  3204  Surgical ICU  3235
 Neuro Surgery  3242/3194  HOD Cardiology  3149/3169
 Peads A / OPD  3261/3185  Skin  3274
 Peads B  3264  Orthopedic B  3266
 Peads PA  3262  ENT  3247/3245
 Bioler  3238  Pulmo B  3199
 Electromedical  3038  Urology  3271
 Gynae A  3250//3251  X-ray  3168/3166
 Gynae B  3256  Dialysis  3143
 Gynae C  3255  C.M.O  3135
 Labor Room  3144  Police ATH  3138
 Nursery  3145  Security Officer  3133
 Burn Unit  3146  O.T  3321
 IPP  3201  C.T Scan  3148
 CCTV  3124  Dental  3031
 orthopedic A  3265  Dangi Ward  3214
 Eye B  3239  Maintenance Office  Nil
 Pulmo A / OPD  3317/3195  Complaint Office  3300
 Urology  3270  DDM  3301
 Physiotherapy  3197/3198  Engineer Civil  3302
 Electrical  Engineer  3305  Electro-medical Supv  3303
 Mechanical Engineer  3304  Tube well  3307
 Gas Plant  3310  Landary  3308
 Hostel Warden  3012  M.O Hostel  3128
 Article Store  3130  P.A to C.E  3101
 PRO to C.E  3102  P.S to C.E  3104
 R.A.D  3103/3141  P.S to MS  3100
 Statistical Officer  3116  P.A to MS  3107
 DMS Admin  3108  DMS E/N  3204
 DMS A P.A  3109  Security Officer P.A  3115
 C.N.S  3114  Sup Estbl 1-15  3314
 Accounts Officer  3117  Cashier  3118
 Senior Clerk Estbl  3328  Admin Officer  3106
 Article Store  3130  Sup Estb above 16  3326


  1. Plz Note that Dr aziz awan is eye specialist not an ENT specialist

  2. dr kashif nisar says:

    kincly add my name in lista of doctors in abbottabad

  3. saeed ul hassan says:

    Dear Admin,
    Please update for the
    Neurosurgeon Dr Sajid Nazir Bhatti
    ENT Dr Asif Kareem

  4. nad says:

    Hi I am contacting you from UK.I am desperately searching for Dr Munawar aziz’s number.If it is his home or clinic or both or mobile.Please help me find his number as it is quite urgent.His home in Habibulla colony rahe sakoon i guess ( why is he not in this list?)
    Kind regards

  5. Raza Khan says:

    Please add Dr. Shahab Ullah Khan (General Physician) in list of doctors in Abbottabad. Phone: 0992331591

  6. Irfan Talib says:

    Dr Munawar Aziz lives in Habibullah Colony, Abbottabad. He is a friend of mine. His phone number is :
    Clinic: 0092-992-335911
    Cell No: 092-321-9961962
    Happy Talking.

  7. Muhammad Sarwar says:

    Please mention phone number of Dr.Nazir Bhatti sb who is n.s

  8. momi khan says:

    please send the number of dr kamran khan (ultrasound spcialist) of awan plza mandian abbottabad

  9. momi khan says:

    plz send me the cell number of
    dr.kamran khan
    MBBS,MS(nuclear medicine)
    sconologist and nuclear physician,
    INOR hospital abbottabad

    • admin says:

      The required info is
      Dr. Kamran Khan, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy
      (INOR) Abbottabad Pakistan. Cell: +92-333-9599905

  10. Ahmad Ali says:

    This is a good effort to list doctors available in Abbotabad for different specialties. Please add more so that it become more benificial for us. Thank a lot.

  11. Sheraz Jahnagir says:

    Asslamualikum sir
    • M sheraz Jahangir from Qammar international
    • Sir we are the manufacturer and dealer of the surgical instruments
    • We deal in forceps, cannula, scissor, speculum, instrument box, titanium instruments, single item, katena catalogue instruments and many others like that.
    • We are providing our products to the doctors as they are the end users
    • Our main target is to satisfy doctors in every aspect
    • Your satisfaction is our satisfaction
    Contact: +923137973154
    Skype: sheraz.jahangir7

  12. naveed ahmed says:

    Dear admin !
    muje skin doc jo awaz plaza me check up krta hyn ,,,,muje unki timming nd fee bata dyn plz

    • admin says:

      There are many skin specialists you many contact /consult at Ayub Medical Complex, and Dr. Haroon is the head of deptt.
      Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid, Skin Specialist
      First Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad,
      Tel: 0300-5617286

  13. Khurram Rasheed says:

    Dear Admin,
    Please if you know any Urologist doctor in abbottabad i am looking for his contact number and complete address. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you
    Khurram Rasheed

  14. Dr faryal says:

    Please tel me number of dr abdul rab pulmonoligist…

  15. Rabiah says:

    Can you please tell me what is the phone number of the private clinic of Dr. Sajid nazeer Bhatti.

  16. zakir says:

    let me know the cotact details of dr qazi rashid hameed

  17. MR Mudassar says:

    dibaties specialist doc adders

  18. Zak says:

    Is there any good pedriatic sergeon in Abbottabad…

  19. Aayan Khan says:

    Can I have contact number of Dr.Sardar EYE Specialist he is also in abbottabad ??

  20. saqibhussain says:

    dear sir, I need doctor Younus Khawaja Physiatrist,cell phone and other contact details.

    its urgent sir,

  21. Zenab says:

    I need to go for c t scan but i dont know where should i go in abbottabad..
    Kindly suggest me ..
    And yeah plz mention approx fee amount too..

  22. Nawaz says:

    I need to know about the Epilipsy specialist Doctor in Abbottabad, there complete contact information plzzzzzzzzz.

  23. Bilal says:

    Kindly suggest me best pediatric surgeon in atd

  24. zahid khan abbasi says:

    Assalamualikum. mujhe kisi ache professor surgeon k bare men inform kijiye. app ki list men koi b general surgeon nahin he.

    • admin says:

      There are many surgeon in Abbottabad some are
      Dr.Ismail Akbar
      Dr.Irshad Zahoor
      Dr. Shawana
      Dr. Irfan Khattak
      Dr. Salma
      Dr. Sajid Ahmad
      Dr. Haider Kamran

      You can contact directly to these surgeons at Ayub Teaching Hospital

  25. Zafar says:

    Dear All,

    My mother in law has unfortunately suffured a stroke and I’m looking for a good Neurologist. Can you recommend someone?


    Dr Zafar Khan, FRCP(UK), FACC

    • admin says:

      There are only few neurologist in Abbottabad like
      Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb
      Neurosurgeon (Brain and Spine Specialist)
      Address clinic: Al Haider Plaza, Opp INOR Hospital, Ayub Teaching Hospital, Gate 3, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad ,For Appointment Call (0992) 384939 Cell: 0300-9118513

      • koukab din says:

        Can I please have contact number of children psychologist in Abottabad?please let me know

        • admin says:

          Dr. Ahsen Naveed, Muqaddis Tower, Mandian Abbottabad
          Dr. Aftab Alam, Near Hotel One / Askari Bank, Kala pul, Mansehra Road Abbottabad

  26. aysha says:

    Dr ahsan aurang zeb is the great neurologist.u must me him

  27. Muhammad Hamid says:

    Plz post Doctor Rehan Heart Specialist address and phone number as soon as possible

  28. Dr Miran Shah says:

    Please note that Dr Haroon Rashid is not the head of skin department. In fact he does not work in the skin department.He is in the administration

  29. asgher says:

    can u plz give me contact of dr raza muhammad khan (urology department) … its urgent …

    • admin says:

      Dr. Raza Muhammad Khan, Associate Professor, Department of Urology, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad, Pakistan. Tel: +92-314-5014279 Email:

      • Mahnoor Raza says:

        This is for the kindest information of whoever it may concern. Dr. Raza M. Khan is a Professor and HOD Urology Dept of Ayub Medical Institution since many years
        Laugh out loud nigga !!
        How ill-informed can one be
        ROFL !!

  30. Gohar Shah says:

    Dear Admin can you kindly tell me the name and contact number of eye specialist who has clinic in Avon plaza opposite stylo. thanks

    • admin says:

      Dr. Ashfaq Ali Shah, Eye Specialist
      Address: Hira General Hospital, Abbottabad 0992-3344030 and 0992-336063

  31. Gohar Shah says:

    can anyone give me contact details of Dr. Ashfaq he is Eye Specialist.

  32. Waleed says:

    Dear admin .i want to requir some info from neurosergens. Who can contect n tell me the prob online . Becoz my frnd say that he have a brain problem . N he says a doc said him that a chemical of his brain is going to finished . When the chemical finished from hi brain he will be died . Kindly help me out . I have some reports n xray of his brain . Loking frwd to your reply kindly help me out thanks

  33. Gohar Shah says:

    dear admin i need contact details of Dr. irfan ullah skin specialist please.

  34. Abbas Jadoon says:

    Dear Admin i inform you that doctor Naveed irfan ki death ho chuki ha..ab un ka beta doctor ahsan naveed hota ha un ki jga…

  35. syed wajid shah says:

    please tell me peptic and liver specialist doctor in abbottabad

  36. Muhammad Shahzad says:

    Respected sir, I am Shahzad from Attari Traders, Lahore, Pakistan. We deal in Orthopedic Implants (SS-316L & Titanium) & Surgical Equipment with export quality at very economical price. If you interested, kin
    Best regards;

  37. sami says:


  38. mohsin says:

    Dear Admin,
    Can i have the name and contact of a renowned ENT specialist in Abbottabad?
    I know Dr Tahira Sajjad is in the list. However, i need to consult some other specialist for a second opinion. Your response will be appreciated.

  39. Ayesha Pirzada says:

    Asalam o alaikum Admin,

    Kindly tell me a good skin specialist lady doctor in abtoabad.

    • admin says:

      DR. Haroon in skin specialist but no lady doctor skin specialist
      details are
      Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid, Skin Specialist
      First Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad,
      Tel: 0300-5617286

  40. Syed Basit says:

    Hi admin plzzz can yuu provide me Dr. Shakeel clinic nubr …

  41. zaheer khan says:

    Hi admin!
    i want to know if there is any good skin specialist in abbottabad except Dr. Imranullah khan and Dr.Haroon-ur-rasheed?

  42. Syed Basit says:

    Salam Admin plz can you give Dr Shakeel heart specilist clinic number ??

  43. shazad says:

    best child physician in Abbottabad location area clinic required with contact number .Thanks

  44. Sarwat says:

    Dr.Asif Kareem phone number please?

  45. shahzad hameed awan says:

    is there any lady ultrasound specialist in abbottabad ????/

  46. hina saifullah says:

    Looking for female medical specialist.. if anyone knows kindly send me info at

  47. Khurr am Zahoor says:

    Kindly update me regarding Dr Naseer Ahmed current position in Medical Ward c and evening practicing area and kindly provide cell number if possible………

  48. Abdul Hafeez says:

    Assalam o alikum..
    Plzz i need your help…I have an optical shop and i am keen intrested to uograde it By opening a eye clinic…already there is a clinic in my city havelian…i want to open it spcialy for i need adresses of ladies eyes specislists

  49. Haad ahmed Khan says:

    Is there any child surgeon in abbottabad?
    It’s urgent plz

  50. student says:

    plz suggest me best skin specialist in abottabad and provide his/her contact number

  51. Majid says:


    I m looking for Dr Iran Khattak contact no.

  52. Faizan says:

    Prof Dr Sjid Nazir Bhatti , Private clinc telephone number is requried for appointment

  53. aadi says:

    AnY good ologist in abbtabad and address and ph please

  54. zeshan says:

    any psychologist in abbottabad????plz tel me at 03215061432

  55. zeshan says:

    dear admin i need counseling psychologist not psychiatrist . any psychologist plz

  56. mustafa says:

    Asmin plz tell about some skin specialist eho does laser treatments for acne scars.

  57. Plz Dr shehzad contact number urgent..

  58. Rabia says:

    Its really surprising for me that in whole list not a single female doctor is enlisted
    Any way I am searching for a good female child specialist in Abbottabad if any one know kindly tell me
    thanking you in anticipation

  59. Waqas says:

    Cmh abtabad muscle Dr name plz

  60. din muhaamad says:

    Please inform me about a competent Dermatologist and gynecologist along with contact details lpz….din mohd

  61. Afzaal tariq says:

    Aoa. Can you give me clinic number of Dr Raza mohammad khan urology department awan plaza abbottabad?? Its urgent plz

  62. Waqas says:

    Can u give nbr of brgadier tahir medical specialist

  63. Zubi says:

    Dr Mumtaz khan burki … Clinic timing and contact number please.

  64. Zahid Gillani says:

    Aoa… Kindly tell me about the best child specialists in Abbotabad?

    • admin says:

      Dr. Anees Ur Rehman, Child Specialist
      Al-Awan Plaza Mandian, Abbottabad
      Tel: 0992-384693 & 385857 Cell:03335038613
      Dr. Zia Wazir, Adjacent CNG Transport Service, Mandian Abbottabad

  65. Ajmal says:

    Kindly tell me about the best ent specialist thanks.

    • admin says:

      Contact Dr. Rehman Ghani Shafique Plaza, Mandian, Mansehra Road Phone:0992-380874 and
      Dr. Tahira Sajjad, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad Ph: +92-992-385853

  66. shuja khan says:

    Nneuro seargeon sajjid
    Nazir contact number and clinic adres

  67. Tahir says:

    plz tell me the best Neurosurgeon in abbottabad and his contact# & address

  68. zeeshan says:

    tell me the num of medical specialist Dr Saleem Afzal
    text at 03215061432

  69. Adil says:


    Kindly add Dr. Fiaz Jadoon, dy Registrar Ayub Teaching Hospital (Child Specialist)


  70. Ahmad Raza says:

    Is there any cardiologist specialist? if it is then please send me his details

  71. Iur says:

    Dr asif karim phone number plz?

  72. Ali says:

    Plz koi diabetes sugar specialist kisi ko pata hai to text me 03132778439 Ali

  73. Shahid Ali says:

    I need contact number of dr Imran skin specialist

  74. muhammad sabir says:

    plz advise me best child specialist in abbottabad

  75. asma says:

    plz send details of clinic address and clinic contact number of dr abdul aziz khan (neurosurgeon) Ayub Complex.its urgent

  76. Salman says:

    Can anyone suggest doppler ultrasound clinic for anamoly scan in Abbottabad?

  77. Anees says:

    plz add details of dr samson griffen if any at abbottabad.

  78. Gul Qureshi says:

    Dear Admin
    Please tell me best lethroscopy surgeon and hospital in abbottabad for kidney stone/laser treatment. As early as possible.Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

    • admin says:

      you can contact Pakistan Kidney center at Muslimabad main KKH just 8-10km from Abbottabad and 8 km from Havelian contact no: +92 51 284 1222

  79. dr nighat Jamal says:

    Very good efforts. Here are many female medical specialist as myself included. Dr Nighat Jamal SR frontier medical college abbottabad.
    Dr sumera kazmi medical specialist abbottabad international college. Clinic Pakistan labs puhgulab road opposite ayub medical college first gate.

  80. zunaira says:

    Dear admin
    I need info of Dr Mumtaz Khan Barki
    Please help……..

    • Aamir says:

      Dr. Mumtaz Khan Burki Clinic
      Address : Shafique Medical Centre, Mandian, Abbottabad.
      Phone : +92-992-380743

  81. Zaheer says:

    I am looking for heart specialist please

  82. abid khan says:

    respected admin am looking for best geyne doctor in CMH abbott kindley help me

    • admin says:

      There are many gynecologist in Abbottabad in private sector however CMH is better option, we don’t have a latest info about gyne specialist in CMH, In private sector Dr. Rahat-un-Nisa is the best option.


    i need dr sajid kazmi’s contact number..same number is written against dr.tahira and dr kazmi’s name…385853..??kindly mention the correct number of eye specialist kazmi and also his or his PA’s mobile number if available…thanks

  84. nadia khan says:

    plzzzzzz mjy urologist ka bta de or un ki full detail

  85. admin says:

    There are three urologist contact Ayub Teaching Hospital for more info
    Head of deptt: Prof. Dr. Raza Muhammad Khan,
    Associate Professor:Dr. Masood Akhtar Malik,
    Assistant Professor: Dr. Nasir Jamil.

  86. Humza says:

    Kindly give me some information about Dr. Imran ullah (skin specialist). I need contact , his checkup timings and his place of checkup.

  87. Sajid Ali Shah says:

    Who is child the child specialist doctor now a days and whats his private checkup timing.

    Kindly give full detail by today.


    • admin says:

      Dr. Anees-ur-Rehman ( Dr Anis ur Rehman)
      Child Specialist
      Al-Awan Plaza Mandian, mansehra road, Abbottabad
      Tel: 0992-384693 & 385857 Cell:03335038613

  88. zaid says:

    dear admin kindly need your support for contact dr javed medical specialist i am waiting for your kind replay please as soon as possable


    Best regard zaid parwan from saudi arabia

  89. rozina says:

    Asalam o Alekum
    can you share All Gynecologist in abbottabad with their contact detail email as well

  90. Adeel says:

    Hi, Kindly tell me if any dentist in abbottabad who do dental implants?

  91. Zeest Khan says:

    Plz tell me the timing of dr tahira sajid’s clinic

  92. sad says:

    anyone knows the contact information of dr irfan khatak.

  93. sad says:

    i want to know diet plan.

  94. sad says:

    anyone knows the contact information of dr irfan khatak. jo shafeq plaza main bethte hain. please share with me his contact details.

  95. Ali says:

    Asalamu alekum admin thanks for posting doctors addresses and numbers for easy contact
    I need Name and contact of any female surgeon doctors in AMC or private clinic

  96. WAQAR AHMED says:

    Dear admin which one is good neurosurgeon in abbottabad please tell me address.
    Thank you .best regards

  97. Arshad Khan says:

    plz. mention best name of Urologist in Abbotabad

  98. Please let me tell about Spine Dr. in Abbottabad with Contact Number. its urgent plz.

  99. Naeem Khalid says:

    Is there any female Urologist in Abbottabad? If so please share the address and contact number of Clinic or hospital?

  100. Qureshi says:

    Plz give me name of Dr. who prescribe Erectyle disfunction.

  101. Malik Saifullah says:

    Prof. Dr. Syed Javed Hussain which is in shafiq plaza is medical specialist ?

  102. ubaidkhan says:

    Please. Dr Adil Naseer contact number ….shafiq plaza

  103. mujahid says:

    Kindly tell me any best specialist doctor for epilepsy seizure treatment in haripur or abottabad

  104. M shakeel says:

    good effort

  105. Atif Awan says:

    I required Dr Zaheer Ud din Qureshi clinic contact number?

  106. Manzoor ahmad says:

    Sir kindly Kisi endocrinologist specialist Doctr ki details de den

  107. Zaheer Shakeel says:

    AOA.. KIndly Send me the Contact no of Surgical Dr Samson Griffon. I need it Urgently.

  108. dr m tariq alvi says:

    This Id Dr M tariq Alvi ..from abbottabad ..working as Ear-Nose-Throat and Head-Neck Surgeon with sub specialty of facial plastic surgery. i am working in saudi arabia and belong from abbottabad
    cell: +966-562571305
    for any advice regarding ENT-HeadNeck and Facial palstic surgery…You are welcome

  109. Maria says:

    Hy me find the ayub medical doc which present in children ward to i meet the doc to show my sis daughter………

    • admin says:

      Contact : Dr. Anees-ur-Rehman, Child Specialist addres Al-Awan Plaza Mandian, Abbottabad
      Tel: 0992-384693 & 385857 Cell:03335038613 and Dr. Zardad Tanoli, Child Specialist, Hara Hospital , Abbottabad

  110. Maria says:

    Please replyyyy

  111. Tokeer Sulman Usmani says:

    ENT Doctors ka num & name dy Please

  112. ZAHEER IQBAL says:

    sir i am resident of wah cantt please help me ENT SURGEN ADD RESS

  113. Atif Gillani says:

    I need Dr. Asif Kareem, ENT Specialist’s Number……

  114. Assad Swati says:

    Plz Dr shahmim anwar shab ke private clinic ka number dy or stomach ka specialist doctor kn hey plz plz tell me

  115. Waleed says:

    Do you have any information About Dr Hazbullah (Child Specialist) if any kindly Share with me plz

  116. Riaz Mir says:

    kiya abbottabad mein koi acha Arthopadic surgen ha DR Ali asghar ka elawa
    or kiya koi female arthopadic surgen b ha abbottaabd me…..

  117. Saud says:

    Plz tell me about Psychology doctor in abt abad

    • admin says:

      Dr. Ahsen Naveed, Muqaddis Tower, Mandian Abbottabad
      Dr. Aftab Alam, Near Abbott City Mall, Mansehra Road Abbottabad

  118. asad says:

    plz dr nisar cmh abbotabad ka no bta dn radiologist

  119. Aaqil says:

    Any orthopaedic doctor deal with hyalgan injection in Abbottabad

  120. Dear Purchasing executive,


    Wishing you all the best in your all matters at your end. We are the manufacturer of orthopedic instruments and implants. We manufacture our implants
    by using imported stainless steel 316L and Titanium grade Ti6AI4V also known as grade 5.

    We manufacture interlocking nail tibia & femur, Humerus interlocking nail, Cancellous screws, Cortical screws, Lag screws, D.C.S Plates. D.C.P Plates,
    D.H.S Plates, Distal radius Anatomical Plates, Recon Plates, Proximal Femoral locking Plates and all kind of implants.

    We are making the above items using latest technique on modern machinery to ensure quality as per specifications of surgeons and physicians.

    Keeping in view the above lines, we wish to show you some instruments just for evaluation of quality and workmanship.

    In the end we ask you to inform us items of your interest or we may send some selecting from your site.

    Thanking you in advance,

    Yours sincerely

    Qamar Khursheed
    Qbro Industries,
    Plot #2, Rahmat Ali road,
    Small Industrial Estate,
    Sialkot 51310 – Pakistan
    Cell No. :+92305 6113768

  121. Wali khan says:

    سب سے پہلی میرا سلام می دل کا مریض ھو مجھے اچھ ڈاکٹر کی تلاش ھی تا کہ می اپنا علاج کرسکو

  122. Zohyab Afzal says:

    Dear Admin,

    I am suffering from chronic insomnia. Kindly suggest me to which Dr. i should go for treatement.

  123. Adnan Haider says:

    Asslam o Alaikum
    Dear admin how are you.
    I am Adnan Haider Ranjha from Islamabad.
    Please when you free or easily possible for you.
    Plz contact me.

    I am doing job in a company situated in Islamabad aa a finance advisor.
    My contact number

  124. Zahid Bashir says:

    I need Dr ashfaq Ali shah clinic contact no for appointment. Please send any mob no of PA to Dr ashfaq Ali shah. It’s urgent please

  125. Zahid Bashir says:

    Please send me Dr ashfaq Ali shah clinic contact no. PA to Dr ashfaq Ali shah mob no

  126. Tanveer says:

    Dr Aftab Alam Psychologist

  127. Waheed says:

    Please mujay kisi allergy k doctor k clinic ka pata batain

  128. zahid says:

    need Dr kamran amir rizvi skin specialist contact number

  129. shazad says:

    Dear Admin
    I am looking for contact for any male or female doctor for muscular specialist pain in muscle shoulder arm .Thanks

    • admin says:

      There are many physiotherapists, but first you contact DR. Babar PIRC Pal Irish Rehabilitation centre adjacent to Mirpur Police Station, Its totally FREE, they will guide you..

  130. shazad says:

    good day ,
    Thanks Admin

  131. Malik Akhtar Ali Khan says:

    Dear Admin kindly update the Neuro surgeon Dr.Mirza FAISAL AHMED RAFIQ in Valley Medical Complex Main Mansehra Roads, Mirpur Abbottabad Phone 0992-385418-20

  132. Sarah says:

    Add Dr. Hamid Fazeel (plastic surgeon) in your list as well.

  133. Sarah says:

    For ENT specialist, add Dr. Ahsan Qureshi to your list.


    for varicocele treatment which doctor is best please send his name

  135. Adnan khan says:

    Hy guys if you know any Skin specialist doctor in abbottabad i am looking for his contact number and complete address.
    Thank you
    Adnan khan

  136. Wali Muhammad says:

    @Admin please add heart specialist Dr. A bid in you list.

  137. Nadeem says:

    Dr Hizbullah, Child Specialist number

  138. Dr zulfiqar says:

    Any female surdron in abbottabad …contact ,clonic

  139. Dr zulfiqar says:

    Any female surgeon in abt…

  140. Ayaz Khan says:

    Salam. I am Ayaz khan, we need some diagnostic test (MRI, EEG) of patients in Abbotabad. if possible, please provide me contact detail of Abbot clinical laboratory or some other good lab.
    Thank you

  141. Fatima Khursheed says:

    Can i kindly get the contact number of skin specialist Dr. kamran Rizvi. Where is his clinic?

  142. Amber says:

    I also need to get N appointment from dr. Kamran rizvi.

  143. Asghar ali says:

    Best hospitals if cmh

  144. Asghar ali says:

    So i liked this hospitals and darters

  145. Shafqat says:

    Admin can you please tell me dr benazir neurologist contact and adress in abbottabad

  146. Asim perviz says:

    plz send me dr munir noor plz

  147. Asim perviz says:

    Pls tell me Dr munir noor clinic number….

  148. Mtti says:

    Any one can tell me the contact details for gynaecologist doctor suriyah yasmeen in abbottbad please?

  149. Dr Sultan Zeb Khan says:

    Please add Dr Sultan Zeb Khan. Gastroenterologist and Hepatology.
    Pakistan Medical Centre and Lab
    Phul Gulab road, Infront of Gate no 1, Ayub Medical College Abbottabad
    Cell no: 03137404505

  150. Mariam khan says:

    sir, i want a female skin specialist, can you tell me about that? and also a nutritionist in abbottabad

    • Dr Sultan Zeb Khan says:

      Dr Sidra Kiyani
      Pakistan Medical Centre and Lab
      Phul Gulab road Infront of Gate no 1 of Ayub Medical College Abbottabad
      Phul # 0992382670

  151. Dr Sultan Zeb Khan says:

    Please add
    Dr Sultan Zeb Khan. Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist. Pakistan Medical Centre and Lab . Phul Gulab road. Infront of Gate no. 1. Ayub Medical College Abbottabad. Cell # 03137404505

  152. shafaq says:

    aOa..caN u giVe me nUmbEr oF dOctor busHra khaN.. iN gyNae waRd..

  153. Dear, I want oncologist female doctor, can you tell me about that????

  154. Ms Khan says:

    Hi, Can someone give me the contact details for a female dermatologist n Abbottabad? Urgent ..

  155. Babar Khan says:

    Dear admin,
    I am wondering if you could tell me about any plastic surgeon in abbottabad.

    Thanking you.


  156. Saba says:

    Salam. I really really want dr shawana contact number plzzz i request.

  157. Saba says:

    Plz tell me how i can contact with dr shawana plz its urgent

  158. Maryam says:

    Need no of dr kamran rizvi

  159. Jamil Anwar says:

    Please guide me about the private clinic and contact number of Dr Saman (female) sergeon in Abbottabad

  160. Ali says:

    Is there treatment for gynecosmastia
    Please tell me the details

  161. Taimoor says:

    Is there any Rhomotologist in Abbottabad?

  162. Ramla Khan says:

    Please share the mob/phone num of Dr Asif Karim.

  163. Aftab Ahmed says:

    Kindly share the contact no of Lady Doctor Benazir neurologist clinic and hospital as well.

  164. M Saeed says:

    Can you give Me the no to take appointment from Dr. Bushra Khan Gayne Oncologist in Abbottabad

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