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Special Edition /Supplement of Daily Shamal Abbottabad: A special Edition of Daily Shamal Abbotabad Election Editon 2013.Daily shamal Abbottabad Online Edition www.abbottabadonline.com Page-1  | Page-2 | Page-3 | Page-4  Page-5  | Page-6 Page-7 | Page-8

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Today Shamal Election special edition with 12 pages 

Shamal Special Election Edition for its valued users/visiters. One of the oldest and most circulated newspapers of Hazara including Abbottabad, haripur, Mansehra, Torgar, Battagram, Khoistan, Karachi, Peshwar, Swat, Muzafarbad and Islamabad.abbottabad newspaper Shamal epaper, Shamal newspaper Online, Shamal Latest epaper, shamal election epaper, shamal online news,shamal newspaper in urdu, daily shamal, shamal news, shamal akhbar online, shamal akhbar news, shamal akhbar in Urdu and covered all hazara news and KPK province and NWFP news updates in entire Pakistan.


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