Daily Nada-e-Hazara

Daily Nada-e-Hazara Abbottabad
Daily Nada-e-Hazara started and published from Abbottabad with very well known and news Administration and published dialy but soon within few months its publication closed and all employee of Nada-e-Hazara was sacked and newspaper closed due to financial crises.

The Chief Excutive of Nada-e-Hazara was Malik Noureed Awa who is well known businessman and is the CEO of MMA Group of Companies. MMA Group of Companies consist of MMA Forex Online Trading Services, MMA Airlines, MMA Heavy Machinery, MMA Advertising, MMA Radio, MMA Konnects (a Social Network), MMA Welfare Organization (INFP) and Gulf Times International Newspaper, but few month od its newly newspaper Nada-e-Hazara they closed this newspaper.

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