Abbottabad: Abbottabad (ایبٹ آباد) is a city located in the fromely North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and presently KPK of Pakistan.
The city is situated in the Orash Valley, 120 km north of Islamabad and 200 km east of Peshawar at an altitude of 4,200 feet The city is well-known throughout Pakistan for its pleasant weather, high standard educational institutions and military establishments. It remains a major hub for tourism of the Northern Areas in the summer.
Abbottabad was founded in 1853, and named after its founder, James Abbott, the first Deputy Commissioner of the District. There are two hills towering above Abbottabad, i.e. Shimla Hill and Sarban Hill.
It gradually developed into a military garrison station for British and native (Gurkha) troops. The British began to establish summer camps for the troops in the Galliat area and by the 1880 Baragali, Kalabagh, and Khairagali were occupied by various artillery units. Gora Dhaka, Khanspur and Changlagali housed infantry units. Nathiagali and Dungagali were reserved for civil servants. Thandiani served as a hill station for the civil servants in Abbottabad. These summer camps (cantonments) had a mixture of permanent and semi-permanent buildings and were supplied by small bazaars to cater for the needs of the troops. After partition in 1947, all the cantonments in the Galliat area were deserted pending a decision regarding their future use since Pakistan Army was not interested in them. Kalabagh, however was selected by the Pakistan Air Force as a Base (summer camp).By 1961 the Hazara Hill Tract Improvement Trust (HHTIT) was created with a view to reduce tourism pressure on Murree by developing the abandoned cantonments.

Eye Catching view of Abbottabad from Sarban Hill

Most of the development took the shape of auctioning plots and buildings and improving internal roads. Little was done to develop on infrastructure to promote tourism other than the building of scattering of nondescript hotels. One instance of an attempt to build a ski resort in 1969 did not go beyond the installation of a Chairlift in Gora Dhaka (later named Ayubia). Galliat Development Authority (GDA) the successor organization replaced the Hazara (Hill Tract) Improvement Trust in1998 with a similar mandate with tourism as the main thrust of development policy. GDA have an ambitious plan which may not unfold along the lines planned for lack of resources and space considerations.

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