There are many Doctors in Abbottabad
Some Specialists are

Dr.  Nasir Kazmi (Assistant Prof. Medicine)
Medical Specialist
Al-Awan Plaza Mandian, Abbottabad Ph: 0992-382521

Dr. Anees-ur-Rehman ( Dr Anis ur Rehman) 
Child Specialist
Al-Awan Plaza Mandian, Abbottabad
Tel: 0992-384693 & 385857 Cell:03335038613

Dr. Sohail Shah,
Al-shamas Clinic, Opp. Modern School System, Adjacent, Dr. Fazeel Clinic, Mansehra Road Abbottabad

Dr. Fazeel
Mandian Abbottabad

Dr. Zardad Tanoli
Child Specialist
Hara Hospital , Abbottabad

Dr. Babar Khalil
PIRC, Behind Mir Police Station, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad,
Tel: +92-992-383585

Dr. Sajid Kazmi
Eye Specialist 
First Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad,
Tel: +92-992-385853

Dr. Tahira Sajjad
ENT Specialist 
First Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad,
Tel: +92-992-385853

Dr. Haroon-ur-Rashid
Skin Specialist 
First Floor, Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad,
Tel:  0300-5617286

Dr. Ibrar
Medical Specialist
DHQ Hospital, Abbottabad Clinic: Near Dr. Sher Afzal Plaza, The Mall, Abbottabad

Dr. Ahsen Naveed Irfan,
Neuro-physician /Physiatrist Abbottabad. Mansehra Off: 0997-302204, Res: 0992-383204

Dr. Saeed Irfan,
MBBS (Pesh) DPM(pb) F.A.C.P (Neuropsy) USA
Consultant Neuro Physiatrist,
Awan Plaza, Abbottabad. Ph: 0992-382404 Home: 0992-381624 Mobile: 0300-9119250
For Appointment Call: Mohd. Shafi Ph: 0300-5641816
Mansehra: Irfan Neuro Psychiaty Hospital, Mansehra Ph: 0997-302204

Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb
Neurosurgeon  (
Brain and Spine Specialist)
Address clinic: Al Haider Plaza, Opp INOR Hospital, Ayub Teaching Hospital, Gate 3, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad ,For Appointment Call (0992) 384939 Cell: 0300-9118513.

Major Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad,
Medical Specialist (AMC)
Ex- Physcian Pak Army,
Clinic: Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad. Ph: 0992-381642 Res: 0992-381863
For Appointment: Zaid Rasheed Ph: 0300-5617511

Dr. Ahmad Nawaz Khan
Ultrasound specialist  MBBS F.T.I.D
Medical Officer Army Burn Hall college Abbottabad ph: 0992-330465 cell: 0300-5615939

Dr. Aziz Awan
EYE specialist  
Clinic: Awan Plaza, Mandian Abbottabad. Ph: 0992-382555
For Appointment: 0315-5853729

Dr Munawar Aziz
Clinic Ph:+92-992-335911
Cell No: 092-321-9961962

Dr Sajid Nazir Bhatti
Clinic Ph:+92-992-384537 Cell: 0333-5048434 

Dr Asif Kareem

Dr. Shahab Ullah Khan
General Physician,  Abbottabad. Phone: 0992-331591

Dr. Kamran Khan,
Department of Nuclear Medicine, Institute of Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy
(INOR) Abbottabad Pakistan. Cell: +92-333-9599905

Dr Nighat Jamal
Medical Specialist,
SR Frontier Medical College Abbottabad.

Dr Sumera Kazmi
Medical Specialist, Abbottabad International Medical College.
Clinic Pakistan labs, Puhgulab Road Opposite Ayub Medical College, Gate 1, Abbottabad

Dr Sidra Kiyani
Pakistan Medical Centre and Lab
Phul Gulab Road Opp. Gate No 1, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad Ph: 0992-382670

Dr. Mirza Faisal Ahmed Rafiq
Neuro Surgeon
 Valley Medical Complex Main Mansehra Roads, Mirpur Abbottabad Phone 0992-385418-20

Prof. Dr. Syed Javed Hussain Shafique Plaza, Mandian, Mansehra Road Ph:0331-5729868
Dr. Khalid Khan Shafique Plaza, Mandian, Mansehra Road Ph:0992-381586, Cell: 03335058971
Prof Dr. Rehman Ghani Shafique Plaza, Mandian, Mansehra Road Phone:0992-380874
Dr. Naeem ur Razaq Durrani Awan Plaza Mandian Abbottabad Ph:03365662746,03149051883
Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb Al Haider Plaza,Mandian Mansehra Road Ph: 03009118513, 0992384939
Major (R) Dr. Daud ur Rehman Rehmat Memorial Hospital Supply Bazar Ph: 0992-513138/341191
Dr. M Shamim Anwar Mandian Ph: 0992-380867



There are many surgeon in Abbottabad some are
Dr.Ismail Akbar
Dr.Irshad Zahoor
Dr. Shawana
Dr. Irfan Khattak
Dr. Salma
Dr. Sajid Ahmad
Dr. Haider Kamran
Dr. Khalid Khan
Dr. Mukhtiar
Dr. Babar Sultan
Dr. Zaheer uddin Qureshi

You can contact directly to these surgeons at Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad


Ayub Teaching Hospital (ATH) have its own Exchange, If you are calling from other cities add area code 0992-381907 -14,
For International callers +92-992-381907 -14,
In addition there are many extension for different departments if you know your desired extension just dial as below


Ward Name Extension Ward Name Extension
 Medical A  3205/3206/3207  Observation  3137
 Medical B  3210/3211  Blood Bank  3147
 Medical C  3259/3215  DMS Evening / Night  3315/3204
 Surgical A  3220/3221/3297  Gastro OPD  3192
 Surgical B  3225/3226/3204  Oncology  3124
 Surgical C  330/3231/3163/3203  Endocrinology  3126
 Psychiatry  3277  CCU  3142
 Eye A  3236  Cardiology  3320
 Gastro  3280/3192  ICU  3140
 Main Gate  3204  Surgical ICU  3235
 Neuro Surgery  3242/3194  HOD Cardiology  3149/3169
 Peads A / OPD  3261/3185  Skin  3274
 Peads B  3264  Orthopedic B  3266
 Peads PA  3262  ENT  3247/3245
 Bioler  3238  Pulmo B  3199
 Electromedical  3038  Urology  3271
 Gynae A  3250//3251  X-ray  3168/3166
 Gynae B  3256  Dialysis  3143
 Gynae C  3255  C.M.O  3135
 Labor Room  3144  Police ATH  3138
 Nursery  3145  Security Officer  3133
 Burn Unit  3146  O.T  3321
 IPP  3201  C.T Scan  3148
 CCTV  3124  Dental  3031
 orthopedic A  3265  Dangi Ward  3214
 Eye B  3239  Maintenance Office  Nil
 Pulmo A / OPD  3317/3195  Complaint Office  3300
 Urology  3270  DDM  3301
 Physiotherapy  3197/3198  Engineer Civil  3302
 Electrical  Engineer  3305  Electro-medical Supv  3303
 Mechanical Engineer  3304  Tube well  3307
 Gas Plant  3310  Landary  3308
 Hostel Warden  3012  M.O Hostel  3128
 Article Store  3130  P.A to C.E  3101
 PRO to C.E  3102  P.S to C.E  3104
 R.A.D  3103/3141  P.S to MS  3100
 Statistical Officer  3116  P.A to MS  3107
 DMS Admin  3108  DMS E/N  3204
 DMS A P.A  3109  Security Officer P.A  3115
 C.N.S  3114  Sup Estbl 1-15  3314
 Accounts Officer  3117  Cashier  3118
 Senior Clerk Estbl  3328  Admin Officer  3106
 Article Store  3130  Sup Estb above 16  3326
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