Adventure Foundation Pakistan

Adventure Foundation Pakistan is a non-commercial, private organization supported by the contributions of the public and private sectors. The strategic aim is to develop leadership in youth, especially through outdoor education and adventure training, to enable participants to contribute to society via the process of self-discovery and by acquiring and using relevant skills.

Along with the development of interests and skills in outdoor action-oriented activities, the Foundation aims to enhance environmental awareness in order to perceive, identify, and preserve the biodiversity of nature through outdoor activities.

The Foundation offers a number of courses through its Adventure Training Centre at Kakul. These courses include Special Courses: e.g., Basic Adventure Skills Courses and Courses for Wilderness Guides and Camp Counselors.

The Young Explorers Division of Adventure Foundation Pakistan is closely associated with schools and educational institutions to promote the concept of nature exploration by organizing different kinds of outdoor activities with the collaboration of WWF-Pakistan.

Adventure Foundation Pakistan is also very actively involved in the promotion of environment friendly adventure tourism in NWFP and Northern Areas of Pakistan. It has also arranged a number of mountain clean-up expeditions during the last few years.

The Foundation is actively engaged in offering training opportunities for ecotourism personnel of all grades especially linked with Adventure Activities.

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