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Daily Mahasib is published from Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad, Mirpur and Gilgit-Baltistan and updated daily all these cities simultaneously. Zafar Hijazi is the Chief Editor of daily mahasib. Daily Mahasib Abbottabad is most circulated newspaper in Hazara and surrounding areas and other editions from Muzaffarabad covers all major national and local news of entire Azad Kashmir (AJK) and ist Mirpur Edition cover entire Mirpur (AJK) and Gilgit-Baltistan edition covere entire Northern Pakistan and northern areas of Pakistan. Its contact No. is +92-992-332772 and Fax 341271 and email:  dailymabasib@gmail.com daily mahasib newspaper abbottabad


  1. Zafar Iqbal says:

    This is a story of my personal interaction with the then Chief Minister Punjab Mian Nawaz Sharif and how my impression was transformed about his decisions making and being very sharp-minded.

    As opposed the general impression spread about him, I found him to be very quick-witted and analytical-minded.

    I was highly impressed by his vast sense of patriotism.

  2. sardar zahoor says:

    daily moasib is a best paper but always ignor galiat so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz galliat is a part Abbottabad hazara

  3. in sha Allah hazara is new prvns of pakistan insha Allah Baba Haider zaman is a ellected membar of national Essambaly and Sardar Idress is membar of prvs essambly

  4. amir kiyani says:

    i love pmln i love mutaza javed and birrister javed abbasi team i love main nawaz shareefffffffffffff………………hurrrrr pmln win NA 18 SEAT

  5. Mahasib is very good news paper and i have no hesitation to state that Mahasib is voice of
    Hazara and Hazarawals. I am fully convinced that Mahasib will carry on to contribute much
    more then before for rainsing the voice for separat Hazara province.

    I request honorable auditors to give some attention to Hazarawals who are living abroad
    and serving their families as well as country.

    Aurangzeb Khan
    Dammam- Saudi Arabia

  6. Mahasib is very good news paper and i have no hesitation to state that Mahasib is voice of
    Hazara and Hazarawals. I am fully convinced that Mahasib will carry on to contribute much
    more then before for rainsing the voice for separat Hazara province Abbottabad District
    Mob 03335050140
    Muhammad Azhar
    PTI Sialkot

  7. Goodbye Puppet Politicians and Mullahs
    I am writing this article or comment not to blame any Political Party, Mullah or any organization. It’s no doubt that I am out of country, but still I have always good wishes for Pakistan and my Pakistani sisters and brothers. It might be that a few of you will be not agreed and especially homemade politicians and Mullahs. It is true that in Pakistan whole political systems is wrong and no one tried to fix it. The majority commercial Politicians, Mullahs and an ordinary man like me are all corrupt except a few. In Pakistan political parties system is totally wrong. Nearly all political parties leaders had not been elected by its members. Second, there is no second person in the parties. Those who formed the party will be stay as party leader until death. Mosly Pakistan political leaders and Mullahs have under table agreements with foreign countries and get help. The majority of the politicians who are in the government and out of government spent the tons of money and bought the votes. A few weeks ago I visited the Pakistan. I had not got enough time to visit all four provinces. I stayed in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP). I hate to write that the corruption was so high and there was no law and order in the NWFP province. Government high ranking and ordinary employees were busy to filling their pockets and there was no voice for poor and honest person. I request to my countrymen to get rid off from these commercial politicians and mullahs and try to fix the system first and stop voting the commercial politicians and don’t listen to Mullahs who already divided the nation of Islam. The majority of Politicians and Mullahs have under table agreements with foreign governments to root out Pakistan from this planet. Now it is time to think and say goodbye to puppet Politicians and Mullahs.
    Thank you
    Mushtaq A Tahirkheli. (USA)

  8. Jahangir azam khan says:

    Very informative, all what I know about my local cities of hazard,are from daily Mahasib.

  9. Asif says:

    Why didn’t show your page on net from mamany days?

  10. Parvaiz Khan says:

    Dear auditor of daily Mahasib Abbottabad, Asslam-o-Alakam, I belongs to Abbottabad and presently some time coming in UK. When I am in Abbottabad, I daily read your newspaper in addition to other local and national papers. But here I read on net before sleeping as there a difference of 5 hours time betrween Pakistan and UK. Please try to load the papers soon after it published. Some time your page 7 (baqiaa) is missing and we can’t read the full news, please paste page 7 regularly and clearly mentioned the baqqia subject instead of number.
    I want to mentioned here that now a days lot of new tehsils and districts are being announced by the PTI government in Hazara and KPK but kindly if you stress by writing in your newspaper for establishing a new tehsil of Bagnotar which is 20 KMs away on Abbottabad-Murree Road and is in the middle of Abbottabad-Nathiagali. As Bagnotar is the centre of 7x union councils (Sarbana, Beerangali, Malsa, Phalkot, Namli Maira, Bagh and Bagnotar as well excluding numerous of village/nabourhood councils) and approx 80 villages are around this main town. There is also a Model Police Station, Rest House Building, Telephone exchange, Hospital, Main Post Office, Wapda, Family Planning, Agriculture and Vetnery Department, Boys College and several high, middle & primary schools (boys/girls) are in the vicinity of Bagnotar. People of these villages have to come to Abbottabad for even minor works/demand and Bagnotar may be given the status of tehsil the rush of people and transport will reduce and they can also save their time and money by coming to Abbottabad. Thanking you in advance and inticipation, Yours sincerely, Parvaiz from East London

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