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Soba Hazara

Election compaign is launched by leader of the Tareek-e-Soba Hazara Baba Haider Zaman


ABBOTTABAD: Protesters Activists of Tareek Soba-e-Hazara burn tyres block road during wheel jam strike in favor of independent province in Abbottabad on Tuesday, May 01, 2012. (Azhar Shah/PPI Images).

Hazara Province (The Voice of Hazara) or movement of started more than 25 years, and a movement satred in 1987 by the late Malik Asif Advocate, as “Hazara Qaumi Mahaz (HQM)”  Later a large number of people from Hazara joined for raising a demand for a separate  province for people of Hazara.

This movement gain momentum on April 2010, when it was announced that through an amendment  in the Constitution, the rename of NWFP to ‘Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’ and wide protest started in entire hazara region including Abbottabad, Haripur, Mansehra, Battagram, and Kohistan.
The Leader of Hazara Province movement Baba Haider Zaman then announced a wheel jam strike in entire Hazara division. Then local administration called a large numbers of Police force from different cities including Peshawar, Bannu, Mardan etc. Then Police started firing directly to the people and seven innocent people were died and more than hundred were hurt or injured during the rallies and protest all over Hazara region.and large number of protest started in entire Hazara region for an independent province for people of Hazara. Later on Baba Haider Zaman registered a Tehreek e sooba Hazara as a political party to protect the demands of seperate province for people of Hazara and resolve the issues of people of Hazara.


  1. JAMEEL JADOON says:

    Live long SOBA HAZARA Insha Allah very soon SOBA HAZARA will be announce,
    Insha Allah we will build up more strong and beautiful PAKISTAN
    by loving each other and unity.

  2. Sooba Hazara will came into being by all means. I am pleased that all Parliament members are committed for the just cause. I request youths particularly Students to demonstrate and take the control of the moment so that no hanky panky trick can work.

    Our leaders are sense able and they should be be careful from DC/SP type people who can deter your attention from the moment.

    ANP should stay away from Hazarawal and we are not your Ghulams. You have no room in KPK and in Hazara. Just double zero now. you are not representatives of Pathans.

    I demand Quota in AMC, COMSATS for Hazara young s should be increase to 30-40 % otherwise we will demand 60 %. Similarly in Batrasi Cadet College as well as in APS we demand our just right not less then 50 %.

  3. All Hazarawal are like real brothers. We are one and united and inshahAllah we will win. Our Hazara will be a symbol of love where there will be no deference between man and region and region and we are committed for the welfare of every one living in Hazara no matter from which region of Pakistan he hails . Haram khori and Corruption will not be tolerated in our beloved Sooba Hazara. The progress of Hazara will be progress of our loving country Pakistan.

    Pushtoons are our brothers and will remain so and we hate those who are trying to create hatreds among brothers. we respect our brothers and in return we their help for our just right

    Sooba Hazara Zindabad All Hazarawal Zindabad Pakistan Piandabad

    Aurangzeb Khan Dammam, Saudi Arabia

  4. asifshahzad says:

    soba hazara banna chaye aur inshaa allah ban ke rahe ga hamri pehchan hazary say ha keu ke ham hazary ke rahny waly hen ya sirf ak bandy ki bolny ki bat nahi ha sub mil ke awz uthaen ak he nahra suba hazzzzzzra all hazary wall zinha bad pakistan piandabad __ jehangir akhter abbottabad hazara

  5. shakeel.ahmed says:

    there is a dread full plan of millat party of Afghanistan to have an independent and sovereign sate of Pakhtunkhawa including Hazara under the circumstances there will be civil war in the area that is why Hazara sobha is must

    Asdee wee majburi hai
    Hazra soobha zaroori hai

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