* Kashmir Cloth
Main Bazar, Abbottabad,

* Shimla Cloth
Main Bazar, Abbottabad, 

Manzoor Cloth House
Saddar Bazar, Abbottabad. +92-992-330223

Resham Cloth House 
Saddar Bazar, Abbottabad. +92-992-344999


Main bazar, Nawan shehr, Abbottabad, +92-321-9836223

Awan Cloth House
Main Bazar, Nawa Shar, Abbotabad, +92-992-390636

Masood Cloth House
Main Bazar, Abbottabad, +92-333-5033583

Javed Cloth House
Katchery Road, Abbottabad, +92-303-6954088

Sakhi Cloth House
Main Bazar, Nawan Shehr, Abbottabad, +92-321-9958372

Sitara Cloth & Bed Sheet House
Shop # 11, Al Rehman Plaza, The Mall, Abbottabad. +92-992-333420

Lahore Cloth House
Supply Bazar, Iqbal Road, Abbottabad, +92-345-4098916

Shabnam Cloth House
Khyber Bara Market, Murree Road, Jhugian, +92-300-5622462

Kohinoor Cloth House 
Main Bazar, Nawan Shehr, Abbotabad, +92-992-390716

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