Abbottabad urdu News

Abbottabad urdu News

Annie Khalid recently got married to Dubai based businessman Malik Noureed Awan from Abbottabad. He is also Chairman of MMA and INFP


ایبٹ آباد: معروف پاپ گلوکارہ اور ماہیا گانے سے شہرت پانے والی عینی نے ہزارہ سے تعلق رکھنے والے ہزارہ قومی محاذ کے سینیئر عہدیدار، معروف سماجی شخصیت اور بزنس مین نورید اعوان کے ساتھ رشتہ ازدواج میں منسلک ہو گئیں، رخصتی رمضان کے بعد ہو گی۔

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After marriage with famous Pakistani pop singer Annie Khalid with Malik Noureed Awan of Abbottabad, Malik Noureed told the newsmen thatAnnie had stolen gold and other precious items from his house and he would disclose all the facts about her.
On the other hand his wife Annie told with tears in her eyes, to diffrent private TV channels her husband of extreme torture during last 4 months of the marital life.


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