7th Class student commits suicide in Abbottabad

ABBOTTABAD: A 12-year-old student committed suicide reportedly due to the harsh attitude of the hostel administration of a local private school namely Pakistan International Public School (PIPS) Abbottabad.

The police sources said Abdul Mubeen, son of Sardar Muhammad Rafique, and a student of grade-7 at the Pakistan International Public School, Abbottabad, committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence.

The sources said that a letter recovered from his pocket revealed that he had taken the step due to the attitude of a schoolteacher and the hostel administration. He advised his entire family not to get other children enrolled in the said school and asked them to go through his diary.

Abdul Mubeen, who hailed from Beeran Gali in Abbottabad district, had reportedly conveyed his concern to his family but it had opted to admit him in the hostel even though it was living in Abbottabad city. The police registered the case and started investigation.Meanwhile, Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti directed the district administration to probe the incident.

In his suicide note, Mubeen wrote that he was fed up of hostel, where he was often subjected to severe punishment at the hands of a teacher he left unnamed. The grind of hostel life was what drove him to take the drastic step, the note read. He cautioned his parents against sending his younger sister and brother to hostel and asked his mother to go through his personal diary after his death.

While referring to an entry in the diary, a bereaved Rafique told the police that the teacher in question had snatched a picture of Mubeen’s mother and would punish him for “minor” mistakes. Rafique held the school administration responsible for his son’s death and demanded registration of an FIR against the teacher.

Meanwhile, SHO Ashiq Hussain said that when he went to Rafique’s house on Monday, he refused to have an autopsy. He outrightly denied his son had committed suicide, claiming that he had died after falling on the ground while playing with his siblings. However, the official said that the complainant had given his statement in black and white but later changed his mind. He added that the police has started investigation into the incident and the body could be exhumed for proper investigation.

The school administration couldnot be reached for comments; however, an administration member requesting anonymity said that the matter was being investigated to ascertain if there was any truth to the suicide note.

On Tuesday, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Amir Haider Hoti ordered a probe into the circumstances that led to the incident. Hazara Commissioner Khalid Khan Umerzai had deputed Hazara Additional Commissioner Muhammad Farid Khan to investigate the allegations of Mubeen’s father and the suicide note. The inquiry team would submit its report to the commissioner to send onward to the chief minuister within a weak, sources said.

A file Photo of Abdul Mubeen,7th Class student who  commits suicide at the PIPS, Abbottabad


  1. farwa rajput says:

    For GOD sake teachers plz try 2 create friendly atmosphere in the class so that no 1 can dare 2 even think about this.

  2. PIPS is a very outstanding institution in ABBOTTABAD.This issue became a political.The rivals of PIPS leave no effort to destablise it.I request you to publish the postmartum report.

  3. sadiqa says:

    it is a very shameful incident that a child is forced to commit suicide, i think parents should have a friendly behavior towards their children and they must consider the opinions of children. and parent send their children to hostels at early age, to build up their future or to destroy their future? our age is very cruel and we have a lot of examples of human barbarianism like sexual abuse rapes etc, children should be kept in houses in a friendly and supporting environment. moreover teachers should not only teach the syllabus but they must have the ability to understand the psyche of their students deal them accordingly and they must be very loving specially to those students who dwell in hostel at early age. at the end i want to ask a question from Abdul Mubeen’s parents and teachers. will you be able to forgive yourselves?

  4. Irfan says:

    I live in district okara my name is m.irfan abdul mubeen cause is very series but i love you my brother! Alas i pray may be soul rest in peace.

  5. Irfan says:

    Mera nam m.irfan hai yaqeen mano jiss din se maine ye khaber dahki aur allaha ne kitni khobsurt surt banyi thi aur mere bhai tum ne ye acha nhi kia allah tum ko janat naseeb kare ameen ! Alas may be rest in peace.

  6. Irfan says:

    Mera nam irfan hai yaqeen mano jiss din se maine ye khaber dahki aur allaha ne kitni khobsurt surt banyi thi aur mere bhai tum ne ye acha nhi kia allah tum ko janat naseeb kare ameen ! Plz mey email par picther send kar.irfanfano68@yahoo.com

  7. Irfan says:

    Mera nam irfan hai yaqeen mano jiss din se maine ye khaber dahki usi din se khon ke anso ro raha ho shaid mai bhi kareeb rahta aur dekh leta aur allaha ne kitni khobsurt surt banyi thi aur mere bhai tum ne ye acha nhi kia allah tum ko janat naseeb kare ameen ! Plz mey email par picther send kar.irfanfano68@yahoo.com

  8. abeera says:

    thats not a new thing m also in pips and each teacher of pipss wanna kill student

  9. kamran khan says:

    mera naam kamran khan hai mein bhi 1996 se lekar 2000 tak vahan tha mein vahan par bed par bathroom kia karta tha magar unhon ne meray saath jaanwar jeisa salook kia subah saverey woh mujhey sardey ke mousam mein thandey pani se nehlatey they bas mein ne allah se bohot duvaein kein or mein vahan se bohot jald nikal aaya or ab mein azadi ki zindagi ji raha hun

  10. Mera name muhammad shoaib hai yaqeen mano jiss din se maine ye khaber dahki usi din se khon ke anso ro raha ho shaid mai bhi kareeb rahta aur dekh leta aur allaha ne kitni khobsurt surt banyi thi aur mere bhai tum ne ye acha nhi kia allah tum ko janat naseeb kare ameen ! Plz mey email par picther send sms0169@yahoo.com

    • arif tareen says:

      no asma tm ghalt ho agr tmhai tmhary parents nay boarding may dala hy to tm may aisi ability dhaiki hogi jo tm may hogi isi lia tmhai boarding may dala gaya hay or han may hkud pips may parhta hou lakn may 2009 may aya hou may pehly dino may tang tha gar ki yaad ati thi but may ny ya socha k mj may kch aisa hy jis ki waja sy maay gar sy itna dour hou or yaha parhny k lia bhaija hay mje to ab i am happy alooot here in pips colge abbattabad.

  11. asma says:

    bht dukh hua yeh sun kr… main b pips main hi parhti hoon n m also a boarder… ye such ha k hr mamlay main day scholars or boarders main fark rakha jata ha.. boarders ko hr mamlay main nichay rkha jata ha.. wo itni mehnat krtay hain pr phir b marks nhi aatay or day scholars hmesha position le jatay hain.. main khud boarder hoon bht zada tang hoon hostel se pr apnay parents ki khushi ki wja se me ne wahan rehna ha…or kuch kr k 2 years guzarnay hain just… 🙁

  12. sana khan says:

    hey i would just like to say that pips is not a good school no one should go in this school …….this school have just name but not ggood studies or good and this boy mubeen have killed him self becoz of the bad treatment of the teacherz and also i agree with asma ……………….thankyou

    • aimen khan says:

      mam how can u say anythng about our school…..its one of the bst schools of pakistan……………

    • arif tareen says:

      u r agree with asma but u r wrong miss …!!!
      bcoz teacher is just like our parents and parents always proceed there children to show a very good future…!
      And mubeen was a good boy but he cant study like a HARD WORKER students…..!
      nd this pips institution is a very good institution in abbottabad and no other institution will break the pips…!!!!!

  13. ibrar says:

    i like him

  14. Amanullah Khan says:

    Most of the english medium private schools are revenue generating factories. They are least countibuting to character building.
    In public pips is very well reputed. But,i avoid this school for my kids due to its confined location, building infrastructure, both are not suitable for this earthquick zone.
    In case of any disaster, earthquick or fire etc, rescue will become mission impossible.
    Unfortunately this factor is common in most of our educational institutes.

  15. Abdul HAseeb says:

    I studied from PIPS long time ago and remember some teachers had this sort of attitude.Any how I think the teacher should be prosecuted and the whole situation should be analysed because there were and are brilliant teachers in institute also exist, like Sir Zaki May Allah give peace to his soul, Sir Tasawar May Allah give peace to his soul.

    My request to parents i s please listen ti your kids and discuss with them what is happening in the school. Don’t get on side after putting them in a school. Otherwise one of the consequences is just in front of you.

  16. ahsan says:

    pips waly sirf money mangty hy or waha kay teacher b theak nhi hy or study b theak nhi hy or girl campus may koi nahi parta balky sirf cheating say sb pass hoty hy

    • aimen khan says:

      nai g….sweep before ur own door………….

    • Mein b wahen say parh k ai hun bhae. Asa kuch nhe hota. Let me correct u. Exams mein teachers ko hall mein janay ki permission nhe hoti. Sb teachers external hotay hain. PIPS ka ek standard hay sb maantay hain. Leken kuch bachay hostel mein adjust nhe ho sktay toh wo chor detay hain. Leken is bachay pay ghar walon ka pressure hoga. RIP Mobeen.

  17. obaidd says:

    pips to gea ab pips ka result itna kharab aya hai kah soch b nae skta koe

  18. AMJAD RIAZ says:

    Hi there this is amjad from peshawar i am the old PIPSONION i had just checked the mishap happened in our school we were also in the hostel but in our time the atmosphere was not that bad in now a days.the boy who attempted the suicide was shock to me because our Institution discipline was out standing the teacher was out standing .My suggestion is do not get rid of ur child by putting them in hostel because the boy in home is treated in one manner and at hostel with another so if you have your child in hostel so be aware of him and discuss the issues he face in the hostel

  19. MEHTAB ALAM says:

    HI I M MEHTAB ALAM 4RM PESHAWAR . i m old student of pips 4rm 1994 to 2000 sunn kr bohot takleef hoa

  20. mr maqbool Ahmad says:

    I had been to ATD, it is quite nice place, i have been away for couple of years.She still attracts me towards her beauty. The people out there are very friendly, sophisticated and incomparable, I am honoured to point out one important and fundamental issue that the education system in Abbottabad Pakistan is so sloppy and theoretical. Most of the teachers having lack of inadequate skills and experience due to economy crisis and other day to day problem implement hardships, mistreatment and even torture physically, emotionally and sycalogically.

  21. May His Soul Rest In Peace! Poor Kid.. 🙁 I was also in PIPS Girl’s Colg Hostel. kuch log adjust b ho jatay hain wahan. I went their wilingly. Mein nhe ho saki adjust toh i left that school. But its cruel…….Serious Actions should b taken against PIPS Boys Colg Administration so that no teacher would b able to or allowed to punish any student in any situation. Those students who break rules should b expelled from college. But punishing boys in such a way that they get tired of their lives nd commit suicides is not at all acceptable. Tears in my eyes May ALLAH give u high rank in jannat my little bro. Nd Parents plz its an humble request to all of u dont force ur children to study in hostels. Future ghar mein b reh k acha ban skta hay. Hostel walon k paas jaadu nhe hota. Plz try to understand this fact.

  22. Tauqeer Shahid says:

    Asalam u Alikum…

    Dears Friends & readers this is a serious issue of boarding and the attitude of administration, One haveing a problem must report to there parents and school in written so they must have a evidence,

    Dear brothers life is not so priceless that you just give it away you must fight against your rights…

  23. help says:

    PLZ guys I need help……. I want to know about this school, is it true that school is lame…PLz tell me…i am going to take admission in this school……

  24. That was not a school fault actually if we look clearly at the situation it was parents fault.

  25. zara malik says:

    every body don`t blame school and teachers. i think this is failt of his parents uny bachy ke problem smjny chiey the.

  26. Shoaib says:

    This school must be close, above is not a neglect-able matter.Inquiry should be held on truth.
    May his soul rest and peace. (Ameen)

  27. RIzwan says:

    Pips has always been a reputed institute of Pakistan. In this case its just because of the ignorance of parents they should have tried to understand that their kid was too sensitive to live in boarding house. Because in boarding house they have to maintain discipline and some students cant bear it .Its cruelty, that his home was in Abbottabad and he was living in hostel . Anyhow its a sad news , May Allah rest his soul in peace.

  28. parents says:

    I want my kids to get admission in this school. Can anybody guid me is this gud one or the harrasmemt I high therw as well his kid suicide. I m.worried plz help me out my kidsss. Duaeseher@hotmail.com

  29. Aiman zafar says:

    This ez not a mistake of school if child tell their about their environment nd he is mentally confused r any kind of fear so parents should take action not ignore him plz parents just listen ur children nd fell their feelings bcz they never come back😌😌😌😌😌

  30. Usman says:

    I once was at this school in the 80’s, it was the worst part of my life. What this kid went through is exactly as it is. Kuttay ke tara salooq karte hai poor parents. Worst education methods and poor staff and a very big undercover child abuse institute. All of those gilani house sabir house etc people will never know what goes on in there unless you have lived in the hostels.

  31. Another 13-year-old Karachi student committed suicide out of fear of his parents as he perhaps failed at school.

  32. Usman says:

    I was at this school in the 1988. The teachers were extremely harsh – I was a kid from England going there, but they had no patience and once I got hit repeatedly in the kneecaps because I joined the wrong dinner queue.

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