14-year-old student earns over $70 dollars daily

ABBOTTABAD: After the late Arfa Karim raised the nation’s pride by becoming the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, another Pakistani wonder child has made history after creating seven Microsoft and Google certified computer operating systems in a suburb of Abbottabad.

The 14-year-old student, Sikandar Mehmood Baloch, lives in Bilal Town in Abbottabad. Sikandar not only became a certified expert of 107 computer engineering languages at a young age but has also received certificates of his achievements from Microsoft and performed work for Google.

14 year boy from Abbottabad get Microsoft & Google Certification and Earn 70 $ daily

He has also received 25 certificates as acknowledgement of his unique work performed for Google, the biggest search engine in the world.

Sikandar is studying in the 9th grade in a local school and has made many Linux Systems (From VVS1 to VVS7) and developed an indigenous anti-virus system as well. He created a world record at the age of nine after making his first operating system. He works with many websites and earns over $70 dollars daily.


  1. Khurshid Khan says:

    We have a lot of proud upon you, that you are pakistani and especially from “HAZARA DEVISION”

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your comments we are still working for this site and you will see more information about entire Hazara Division.

  2. sardar manzoor elahi says:

    We proud of you,gentlemen and also present you a special salute for this job.It’s not only a great honour for you,also for “HAZARA”.Best wishes.

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