Abbottabad: Abbottabad (ایبٹ آباد) is a city located in the fromely North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and presently KPK of Pakistan.
The city is situated in the Orash Valley, 120 km north of Islamabad and 200 km east of Peshawar at an altitude of 4,200 feet The city is well-known throughout Pakistan for its pleasant weather, high standard educational institutions and military establishments. It remains a major hub for tourism of the Northern Areas in the summer.
Abbottabad was founded in 1853, and named after its founder, James Abbott, the first Deputy Commissioner of the District. There are two hills towering above Abbottabad, i.e. Shimla Hill and Sarban Hill.
It gradually developed into a military garrison station for British and native (Gurkha) troops. The British began to establish summer camps for the troops in the Galliat area and by the 1880 Baragali, Kalabagh, and Khairagali were occupied by various artillery units. Gora Dhaka, Khanspur and Changlagali housed infantry units. Nathiagali and Dungagali were reserved for civil servants. Thandiani served as a hill station for the civil servants in Abbottabad. These summer camps (cantonments) had a mixture of permanent and semi-permanent buildings and were supplied by small bazaars to cater for the needs of the troops. After partition in 1947, all the cantonments in the Galliat area were deserted pending a decision regarding their future use since Pakistan Army was not interested in them. Kalabagh, however was selected by the Pakistan Air Force as a Base (summer camp).By 1961 the Hazara Hill Tract Improvement Trust (HHTIT) was created with a view to reduce tourism pressure on Murree by developing the abandoned cantonments.

Eye Catching view of Abbottabad from Sarban Hill

Most of the development took the shape of auctioning plots and buildings and improving internal roads. Little was done to develop on infrastructure to promote tourism other than the building of scattering of nondescript hotels. One instance of an attempt to build a ski resort in 1969 did not go beyond the installation of a Chairlift in Gora Dhaka (later named Ayubia). Galliat Development Authority (GDA) the successor organization replaced the Hazara (Hill Tract) Improvement Trust in1998 with a similar mandate with tourism as the main thrust of development policy. GDA have an ambitious plan which may not unfold along the lines planned for lack of resources and space considerations.

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  1. Azam shah says:

    Dear Sir!
    Heartly congratulations for successfully maintaining a site that contains everything about over beloved Abbottabad.Though there is nothing wrong with the site,I would still suggest that there must be a joint effort to promote our tourism through the forum like this.For this, you may upload features,articles and interviews of tourists to achieve more better and positive results.Unfortunately there seem no steps on administrative level to make awareness among the people.Hence we ourselves are responsible for the circumstances we face in tourism department of Hazara Division.
    Hopefully this website will realize this all and will fulfill its duty in true means.
    Pray for your success…….

  2. rehman Khan says:

    I am 100 percent agree with Mr. Azam Shah. that we should give our best efforts to promote tourism not in Abbottabad , in whole Hazara Sooba. On administration or Gov. level No body did anything for Hazara. We hope that new Gov. will give some attention to ward Hazara Dev. There are so many places for tourist attaraction but need Roads and hotels/Motels. Plus security.

  3. Syed Basit says:

    Assalam o Alaikum admin plz mujy kahen sy net par 5 september 2013 ki daily shamal abbottabad mil sakti hy kiya plzzzzz if yes to plz us ka link dain mujy nd advance thankx

  4. shahzad Ahmed Khan says:

    I am appreciating the great efforts of Admin to develop a great site.

  5. Aslam khan Tanoli says:

    Dear All
    Assalam o allaikum
    I’m from Washington DC and originally from KTS Hari pur Hazara , I’m like average Hazara wal who have same concern since province change into NWFP become KPK , in the beginning of Hazara moment I was hopeful for Hazara province when PMlQ,MQM,PPP,JUI,PMLN leader vow to support Hazara province but right after election all of them on silent mode and no one talking about Hazara resolution because of our local politics among personal deference’s and conflict the Hazara moment losing support of bigger political party . We must get unite regardless of political and sects deference’s to support Hazara Suba and put immense pressure on PMLN government to pass resolution
    its time and golden opportunity for Hazara moment because PTI/JI is in power at provincial Assembly as well in federal which have no issue or oppose against Hazara province . PPP and ANP both are oppose of Hazara province and could block the Bill in assembly once the got majority ever again.
    I will appeal all Hazara leadership to raise your voice and unite for the common cause .
    We will organize near future an protest front of White house if need it .
    Aslam khan Tanoli
    former President of PTI
    Washington metro area
    aslamkhan19601@gmail.com/facebook /twitter
    Aslam khan Tanoli facebook

    • Rehman Khan bjare says:

      Now a day with help of some friends preparing Name’s list of Hazarwal who are living in U.S.A.
      for future mutual benefit and pre

      ssure group for Soobah Hazar. please contact me on following email. Help need from any one regarding this. Thanks.


  6. zahoor says:

    wah what a nice sayings are to be seen . nice!
    zahoor ahmed

  7. Muhammad Ajmal says:

    Dear writer,
    Grate writer .

  8. Muhammad Sohail Abbasi says:

    Hi Admin,
    i read the article about Abbottabad and increased my knowledge as well i Appreciated your effort and keep it up

  9. Mohammmad ASif says:

    Assalamoalaikum. WE DEALS IN












  10. This is my humble request to education ministry of KPK that seating allotment to Kashmiri and FATA be withdrawn from Ayub Medical College as people these area have their own Medical Colleges so let chance to be given to deserving Hazarawal student Strictly on Merit only. Domicile should be check for any cheating. This is our right and we will snatch it by all means sooner or later. Insaf pasand gov of KPK keep in mind even in their own rule this injustice is being done. to Hazarawals all walk of life and no due share is given to them. Mr. Mushtaq Ghani should come forward to go for good.

    Aurangzeb Khan
    Dammam – Saudi Arabia

  11. I am very thankful to The Administration of this site for giving chance of conversation among themselves to Hazarawal people on this valuable and supporting site. Thank you again.

    Aurangzeb Khan
    Dammam – Saudi Arabia

  12. Muhammad Sajjad says:

    I am very happy to see such site of my beloved Abbottabad where I born and grown up, received my basic and college education. I remember the old days of Abbottabad, when it was neat and clean city but now when I am going there on my annual vacation situation make me very sad. Roads are over crowded with undeciplined traffic and streets are getting narrowed because of unplanned housings. Garbage and waste scattered everywhere, shimla hill which was pride of city is now deserted and used shopping bags are flying at the places where wild flowers used to smile and attract the visitors.
    I humble submission to both Dr. Azhar Jadoon and Mushtaq Ghani is to focus on getting the lost beauty of Abbottabad back and make it better choice for visitors from all over Pakistan.
    When ever I visited England specially urban areas, I felt that I am in old Abbottabad of 70s. So please let our new generations get the same taste of the city we had.

  13. Munawar Mustafa says:

    Dear Authorities,

    Abbottabad is a nice place to live & work, but, it is going to be costly, day-by-day. Public
    residential schemes should be started for working professionals, so that they may get
    their plot in installments. This is the need of the time. Hopy you would think & act


  14. Nuzaira Azam says:

    Could someone please let me know that the reason for calling “Ilyasi” to Ilyasi Masjid and which is the oldest newspaper that was publishing in 70’s around 76? I would appreciate if it is emailed to me at: baarish@icloud.com or nuzaira.azam@gmail.com.

  15. Akhlaq says:

    I am unable access epaper of daily shamal abbottabad. Kind advise.

  16. abdul mohiz says:

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  18. A.Zaib says:

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    at the end wish you good luck all of you

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  20. Muhammad Jawed says:

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